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Palos Verdes Youth Football & Cheer encourages you to consider participating. For over 50 years, our volunteers continue to be the backbone of our success that your this organization reaps. We rely on your time and talents to make a difference to all of our participants at every level. 




Cory Nikolas

Vice President

Jeff Schwartz

Advisor - Parliamentarian

Larry Campbell


Rob Otto

Assistant Treasurer Thuydan Casaola
Budget Officer Chuck Sawyer


Mariko Hama

Athletic Director – TACKLE

Brian Smith

Assistant Athletic Director - TACKLE

Shannon Townley

Athletic Director  – FLAG

Diana Otto

Assistant Athletic Director - FLAG OPEN

Athletic Director - CHALLENGER

Steve Gherardi

Athletic Director - CHEER

Mariko Hama

Assistant Athletic Director - CHEER OPEN

Equipment Manager

Adam Sanabria

Assistant Equipment Manager Giordan Hernandez
Player Agent - TACKLE Laura Hughes
Assistant Player Agent - TACKLE OPEN
Player Agent - CHEER Anita Lewis
Assistant Player Agent - CHEER OPEN
Player Agent - FLAG Holly Woesner
Assistant Player Agent - FLAG OPEN
Co-City Commissioner - TACKLE Darren Eades
Co-City Commissioner - TACKLE Melody Creighton
Co-City Commissioner - FLAG Dan Klink
Co-City Commisioner - FLAG Eric Rakowski
Fields Coordinator Quinn Mulkey
Financial Aid Coordinator Roy Kaneshiro

Scholastic Agent

Anita Lewis 

Picture Day Coordinator Quinn Mulkey

Cheer Uniform Manager

Ashanty Sanabria

Banquet & Trophies Coordinator

John LaBreche

Fundraising & Game Day Program Coordinator OPEN

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator

Laura Hughes

Website Coordinator Roy Kaneshiro
Assitant Website Coordinator Britton Lees
Snack Shack Coordinator OPEN


Michelle Koyama

Community OutReach Coordinator Gerldine Popov

Each season there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available within each team and/or squad that families are asked to fulfill. From an assistant coach or a team manager role to those that spend time on the field... to our youngest volunteers, our hydration crews. All volunteers are important to our program. We hope that you embrace these volunteer opportunities when they become available... and know that your time will not only help your own participant but, ALL participants.
Thank you, in advance, for your consideration... we are grateful for it!