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Our flag program is a great introduction to the game of football. The season starts August 1 and runs until the middle of October. We recognize that flag football is not as demanding as our tackle program but needs committed families none the less so that players can be put in the best positions and learn those positions and plays. That said, coaches in our flag program are aware that sometimes families miss some time in August and may try to play another sport during the season. If the time missed is not extreme, coaches do their best to work with you. 

Ultimately the best part of the game is the chemistry built by the players practicing together. So their presence is encouraged as often as they can. 

The Flag Football program that Palos Verdes Youth Football & Cheer offers is a great way to introduce the game of football to our youngest participants as well as offers a sound alternative to tackle for families who would prefer a non-contact sport. Our Flag program is appropriate for boys and girls of all ages. Players are grouped by age: Cub (ages 5-7) and Bobcat (ages 8-10).
The weight and age chart for the football program is in the table below.  The age of the participant on 31 July of Playing Year is the reference age for this chart. 
Beginning August 1, our Flag season starts with a Combine to evaluate players and allow our Coaches to draft balanced teams. Once players are placed on a team, they will practice 3x per week  (location and times to be determined by the Head Coach) up until their first game, then teams reduce to practicing 2x per week with games being played on Saturdays. Games are played 8 on 8.

Our Cub division (ages 5-7) will have an opportunity to play cities within the Los Angeles County Pop Warner Conference including, but not limited to, Redondo Beach, Carson and Westside (Santa Monica). All Bobcat division (ages 8-10) games are inter-league and against local community organizations.

Note: If you child is 11 or older on July 31 and wishes to to play flag instead of tackle contact area flag programs such Boy's and Girls club or local recreational parks.

Our Flag season concludes with Bowl Games and festivities.

Minimum Maximum End of Season Maximum
Flag (Cub) 5-7 5-6-7 N/A N/A N/A
Flag (Bobcat) 8-10 8-9-10 N/A  N/A  N/A 


Flag Football Registration

$275 Registration for Bobcat Division

$200 Registration for Cub Division

Flag Equipment Deposit $100 Equipment Deposit
(Check held pending equipment return)

League uniform of the flag jersey, pants and belt (to be returned at the end-of-season), pictures and, trophies. Additionally, registration fees offset the costs including, but not limited to, uniform reconditioning, practice and game day fields, referees and, EMT costs for season, etc.

No requests due to carpooling, friends, etc. are accepted for placement or movement between teams or squads.  The placement of participants is solely at the discretion of the Association.

Cancelation Fees:

March-June: $50 cancelation fee, balance returned. 

July: $100 cancelation fee, balance returned


All refund requests MUST be EMAILED to :